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* I'm interested in practising kendo, how do I go about it?

Send us a mail to This is a mailto link and we will get back to you with more information as soon as we can.


* How much does it cost to practise Kendo?

The fee for one semester is 700 SEK. You are always welcome to come as spectators to a training session on Mondays between 7pm - 9pm.


* Where is your dojo?

We practice at Ånässkolan not far from Redbergsplatsen. (Check the web-page for details and pictures under The Club/Our Dojo)


* Kendo looks really violent, won't you get hurt?

Kendo, contrary to most Budo and martial arts diciplines, is a full-contact sport. But since we are using protective gear, the risk for injury is minimal. Blisters on your feet and hands are the main concern.


* Are there any age-limitations?

Yes, we have no childrens training, i.e. we only allow pupils aged 15 and above. The reasons for this is that, as of today, we do not have the resources for a separate children's-class.


* Do I have to buy my own protective gear to practice Kendo?

No, Götha Kendo Club has about 10 sets of kendo armour that can be loaned during practice. Again though, we follow the rule of: first come, first served.


* How much does a complete set of armour cost?

A complete set of armour may cost between 2000 SEK up to 10'000 SEK, depening on the quality and materials chosen.


* But do I not have to buy the Hakama and Kendogi?

No, you don't have to buy Hakama and Kendogi, most beginners train using ordinary training outfits. After a while though, most people feel it is time to buy the gi and hakama.


* Where can i find a list of clubs where I live?

On the Swedish Budo federation's web-page www.budokampsport.se there is a list of most of the Kendoclubs in Sweden. We have most of them in our library of links.


* What is the difference between Iaido and Kendo?
The difference between Iaido and Kendo, is much like the difference between Judo and Jujutsu. it is not the same sport, but it has a common background (ie. the samurai traditions). In Kendo we practice using Shinai (bamboo swords) and Iaido practice with a "real sword", katana. In Iaido, contrary to Kendo, you practice against an imaginary opponent. Iaido is (basically) "the art of drawing the sword and cutting", kendo is more a reflex/contact sport, where you practice against real opponents, trying to get a feel for "the duel".

In Kendo we practice in protective gear (armour), and we practice a full-contact sport (for all ages). More extensive information can be found on the Swedish Kendo Federation´s web-page www.kendoforbundet.se


Further questions?
Send us an e-mail to This is a mailto link and we will try to answer your question.
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